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About Us


We Buy Global, a subsidiary of a respected international conglomerate, can trace its origins back to the iconic We Buy Houses brand. Our journey began when our visionary founder made a pioneering foray into the American real estate market.

Rick Otton, affectionately known as “The We Buy Guy,” evolved into a seasoned business luminary, revolutionizing traditional business practices from the late 1980s onward. His innovative approach extended its influence to Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Greece, Spain, and parts of Asia.

The We Buy Houses brand is synonymous with groundbreaking solutions, offering consumers swift access to highly desired products and services. In today’s digital age and the era of artificial intelligence, our brand not only adapts but thrives in niche markets.

You can spot our commitment to innovative solutions in our distinctive “We Buy Houses” post-it note logo or Yellow and Black signs , representing our dedication to meeting your unique desires and needs through revolutionary means.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to recognize that for far too long, sellers have not been able to sell their properties for a reasonable price in a reasonable period of time, whilst buyers have been unable to enter the property market without significant impediments. At We Buy Houses, we move away from these outdated traditional processes in order to change the way people buy and sell houses, one country at a time.

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